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obama-gates-360x202President Barack Obama wants to cure HIV, making him officially the gayest president in U.S. history (no shade on James Buchanan). Yesterday, President Obama announced that he is directing $100 million into a new program at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the sole purpose of which is to find new therapies to combat HIV.

The NIH’s funding got screwed thanks to sequester cuts earlier in the year, so the money should provide some much-needed, overdue relief.

“The United States should be at the forefront of new discoveries into how to put HIV into long-term remission without requiring lifelong therapies, or better yet, eliminate it completely,” the president said.

In addition, President Obama reiterated the U.S. commitment to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which finances efforts to fight infectious diseases in poor countries. Currently, the U.S. matches half of international contributions to the fund. President Obama pledged an additional $5 billion over the next three years, provided that the international community holds up its end of the deal.

Not content to allow Washington to hog the spotlight, gazillionaire genius/do-gooder Bill Gates also pledged a truckload of money to the Global Fund on Monday. Having previously announced a $300 million donation, Gates said that he would match an additional $200 million in private contributions, hoping to attract more donors.

Gates told reporters at the NIH, “Investing in research has huge paybacks.”

You know what else has huge paybacks? Founding Microsoft. Seriously, though, where are Bill and Melinda Gates’ Nobel Prizes already?

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ASixjDZSamuel L. Jackson criticizes President Obama in the October issue of Playboy, telling the leader to “stop trying to ‘relate’” to the public and “be f**king presidential.”

After ranting about the importance of good grammar, the interviewer asks the star what he thinks about “President Obama or other highly educated Americans consciously drop[ping] gs off the ends of words to sound like Joe Average.”

Jackson replies, “First of all, we know it ain’t because of his blackness, so I say stop trying to ‘relate.’ Be a leader. Be f**king presidential.”

The actor continues, “Look, I grew up in a society where I could say ‘It ain’t’ or ‘What it be’ to my friends. But when I’m out presenting myself to the world as me, who graduated from college, who had family who cared about me, who has a well-read background, I f**king conjugate.”


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a0b008e2d025758f099c2e9279ffa7ebPresident Barack Obama will return to the Southland next month to take part in a high-dollar discussion with a select group of supporters.

The president will be in the Los Angeles area Sept. 9 to take part in an “off the cuff” roundtable discussion with donors who pony up $32,400 for the opportunity, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A location for the hour-long meeting has not yet been determined, with an invitation describing the event only as an evening gathering in Los Angeles.

Obama made a two-day swing through Los Angeles Aug. 6-7, appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and having a private dinner with DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.

The trip will be Obama’s 16th to the Los Angeles area since taking office. All but three of his trips have included political fundraisers. He has made 10 trips to the area solely for fundraising.

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michelleobameLooks like the first lady has been on the move this past week.

Michelle Obama, on a press tour to promote the third anniversary of the “Let’s Move” campaign, has been all over the place for the past few days, popping up on late-night television, Sesame Street, and even at the Academy Awards.

FLOTUS got jiggy with it on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, showing us the “evolution of the mom dance.” And her dougie moves solidified her status as the grooviest First Lady ever. (We’re sure Sasha and Malia don’t approve of any of this though.)

And, technically, Mo didn’t get to visit Sesame Street, but she did invite everyone’s favorite bird to the White House for a lesson in how to eat healthy and get exercise. The whole thing is positively adorable.

But the biggest surprise (and probably the best kept secret since the actual Argo case file), was Mrs. Obama at the Oscars presenting the Best Picture award to Argo. She looked stunning in a Naeem Khan dress and presented from the Diplomatic Room of the White House.

Obama wasn’t the first White House representative at the Academy Awards though — in 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the Oscar audience via radio.

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abc_barack_obama_inaugural_speech_thg_130121_mnWhile President Barack Obama’s second inaugural address addressed a range of issues, his dramatic assertion that same-sex marriage was firmly in the mainstream of American ideals is quickly emerging as the most memorable moment. Major media, bloggers and commentators across the political spectrum zeroed in on it; but whether for praise or censure, no one could ignore it.

Whether his alliterative reference to three landmark sites in struggles for equality will become as oft-quoted as John Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do you for you — ask what you can do for your country” may be up in the air. Including Stonewall with Seneca Falls, the Upstate New York town where America’s feminist movement was born; or Selma, Ala., where the police attack on peaceful marchers galvanized the Civil Rights movement, was a rhetorical assertion of the singular importance of the birthplace of the modern gay rights movement as part of the American “journey,” as he called it

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President Obama submitted another list of judicial nominees today, including Nitza I. Quiñones Alejandro, who is poised to become the first openly gay Hispanic jurist on the federal level.

Judge Alejandro is one of three nominees for seats on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

“These nominees are emblematic of the president’s commitment to nominating qualified, diverse nominees to the federal bench,” said Marge Baker of People For the American Way. “They are also a sign of the president’s commitment to solving the vacancy crisis in our federal courts without delay.”

Alejandro currently serves as a judge in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, and was previously a staff attorney for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs from 1979 to 1991 and as an Attorney Advisor for the United States Department of Health and Human Services from 1977 to 1979.

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Who’s to thank for Obama winning the election? Why, it’s us gays, of course, according to the New York Times.

It’s hardly a surprise, given that Obama’s been a friend of friends of Dorothy for many years. But our community’s vote gave him “the ultimate advantage,” according to a UCLA study.

Among LGBs (transgender people were not included), 76% voted for Obama. Romney got an astonishing 22%. And the remaining 2%, we assume, were simply captivated by the idea of a Roseanne Barr presidency.

Assuming we comprise about 5% of the electorate, our preference for the President is nothing to sneeze at.

Some Republicans have seen the writing on the wall and hopped over to our side, at least when it comes to marriage equality. But others are doubling down: A Santorum staffer maintained that opposing marriage equality is a “moral value.”

Fortunately, crazy rhetoric like that is making less and less sense every day, as evidenced by voters’ rejection of mean-spirited political gay-bashing. We wish Rick Santorum and his staff a long and comfortable retirement in which to reflect on that.

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The U.S. 2012 election night was the most tweeted event in the country’s political history

A Twitter post by newly re-elected President Barack Obama scored the title of most popular tweet last night, further marking the power of social networks in the elections (and just about everything we do).

At 11:16 p.m. EST last night, Obama posted a tweet that said “Four more years,” which included a picture of him hugging his wife, Michelle Obama. Just 22 minutes after this was posted, it became the most retweeted tweet in history. As of this morning, it nearly tripled at more than 635,000 retweets.

Another tweet from Obama last night quickly became the second most-tweeted post. The tweet said, “This happened because of you. Thank you.”

This further proves that social networking (in this case, mainly Twitter) plays a major role in several sectors of our lives. We don’t just use it to tell the world that we ate a bowl of macaroni and cheese anymore — its power is leveraged to help presidents win elections.

According to Rachael Horwitz, a Twitter spokeswoman, there were 31 million tweets related to the election last night (23 million of these were between 6 p.m. and midnight EST alone). Only minutes after Obama’s win, there was a peak of 327,000 tweets per minute. Horwitz said the U.S. 2012 election night was the most tweeted event in the country’s political history.

“Twitter brought people closer to almost every aspect of the election this year,” said Horwitz. “From breaking news, to sharing the experience of watching the debates, to interacting directly with the candidates, Twitter became a kind of nationwide caucus.”

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“Donald Trump is to claim that he has unearthed divorce papers of Michelle Obama and the President, according to a respected financial pundit with links to the tycoon.

It is alleged that the eccentric real estate mogul will claim that the documents show the First Lady and the President were at one point in their two decades of marriage seriously considering splitting up.

Trump set the hare running on Monday by claiming that he was set to make an announcement on Wednesday that would be ‘bordering on gigantic’ and that it would ‘possibly’ change the Presidential race.”

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Andrew Sullivan says President Obama will become Ronald Reagan if reelected: “If Obama wins, to put it bluntly, he will become the Democrats’ Reagan. The narrative writes itself. He will emerge as an iconic figure who struggled through a recession and a terrorized world, reshaping the economy within it, passing universal health care, strafing the ranks of al-Qaeda, presiding over a civil-rights revolution, and then enjoying the fruits of the recovery.”

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